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Zendai™ - Buddha's Tea

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ZENDAI™ - Buddha's Tea

Buddha's Tea represents the Buddhist practice of offering tea, which can be considered an act of generosity and compassion. In Eastern culture, offering tea is a common practice to show respect and hospitality to visitors, and it can be seen as an opportunity to cultivate kindness and compassion.

The smoke generated by the cones flows downwards, giving a particular cascade effect, hypnotic and relaxing on the sphere.

It is a very hypnotic and relaxing optical effect which, associated with the scents emanating from the cones, acts positively on the psychophysical sphere, giving a sense of peace and tranquility.



Why choose Buddha's Tea?
  • Our incense diffusers are made of ceramic and are prepared and delivered in eco-friendly packaging.
  • Create a Zen corner to relax at home without sacrificing aesthetics and design.
  • Reflux Incense: thanks to the processing of this particular incense, the dense smoke will flow downwards creating a beautiful cascade effect, the incenses are 100% Natural.
  • With the purchase of each Zendai Incense Burner you will receive a complete set of 25 100% Natural incense cones for free

Buddha's Tea is compatible with all of our incense cones, creating a mesmerizing and calming fluid cascade effect. 

Packaging and measurements:
x1 Buddha's Tea( 9cm x 14cm x 14cm)
x25 100% Natural Premium Incense Cones.
x1 Wooden tweezers for incense

  • Promotes well-being
  • Reduces stress & anxiety
  • Aids in deep healing sleep
  • Allows for easy meditation
  • Improves focus & memory
  • Soothes physical aches & pains
  • Purifies air

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Incenses are special goods and are sent in a separate shipment


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It's very pretty, it's perfect, neither big nor small, it's ceramic or so it seems and it has a rough texture

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