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White Natural Incense Ash

White incense ash is a natural ash powder made from herbs and wood. It is used to aid in the burning of incense and protect the incense burner.


  1. Suitable for different types of incense: white incense ash is suitable for light incense, incense seal, air fumigation, coil incense, and incense sticks.

  2. Clean and uniform ash particles: the ash particles are perfectly white, clean, and uniform, which helps to create a pleasant atmosphere.

  3. Good air permeability: the incense has good air permeability, which makes it an ideal partner for incense and buried carbon.

  4. Creates a relaxing atmosphere: white incense ash can be placed in any space such as a living room, bedroom, bathroom, meditation room, yoga room, reading room or tea house to create a relaxing atmosphere.

  5. Great gift: it makes a great gift for friends and family to bless them every day and everywhere they go.


Specifications and Characteristics

The white incense ash is made of natural plant materials and the box measures approximately 5x12x4 cm.

The package includes

1x white incense ash. | 60g

Shipping info:
Incenses are special goods and are sent in a separate shipment

  • Promotes well-being
  • Reduces stress & anxiety
  • Aids in deep healing sleep
  • Allows for easy meditation
  • Improves focus & memory
  • Soothes physical aches & pains
  • Purifies air

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Incenses are special goods and are sent in a separate shipment


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